What to expect on Sunday
A Gospel-shaped Service

Depending on your background, you may not know what exactly goes on when Christians gather for worship. For us, our Sunday service is simply when God's people gather to worship Him and encourage one another. We would absolutely love for everyone, including anyone exploring or considering Christianity to come along.  

So what happens?

Simply put, we get to rehearse and rejoice in the gospel story. In fact, our entire service takes on the shape of the gospel story.

The service begins with a moment of silence where we are encouraged to prepare our hearts to receive God’s Word in this service. Into that silence God’s Word is read in order to call us to worship Him together. 

The first movement of the service is simply to begin with God. We may sing one or two songs, and/or a prayer focussed on praising God for who He is - His great and perfect character.

It is then in light of who God is and his glory, that we soon realise our own sinfulness. Therefore the second movement is to confess our sins in humility. This can be done in prayer or song, and is followed by a word of comfort, that when we confess our sin, because of the cross of Christ, God always forgives.

The third movement is to then rejoice in the gospel, our own redemption from sin, and to hear God speak to us. This includes singing a few more songs, offering prayers of thanksgiving and requests to God, and the pinnacle of our worship when the Word of God is preached. The design of our preaching is expositional so that we would allow the point of the passage to be the point of the sermon. 

During this time, the children (up to grade 6) will usually head out to Coomera Kids where they can enjoy a fun and safe environment with age-appropriate learning about Jesus. 

Following the sermon we arrive at the fourth movement of the service where we sing in response to God’s Word (here we also regularly celebrate the Lord’s Supper). A closing address then sends us back into the world to live out our calling as God's people - to love God and neighbour. 

People usually hang around afterwards, eat, drink, and chat over life and the things they heard that morning. The members here would genuinely love to meet you if you are visiting.
Plenty of parking is available within walking distance of the church building. 
Kids can be registered for Coomera Kids when you enter the building. The registration desk is to the right of the foyer as you enter.