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Why do a class on systematic theology? Simply because knowing God and thinking rightly about him affects everything - from the practical issues with face in life, to our unity together, to our witness as a local church. We want to be a church that love, honours and obeys God. But we can't love, honour and obey what we don't know.

In Jude 20, Jude says, 'But you, beloved, building yourselves up in your most holy faith… Keep yourselves in the love of God’. This class is about doing just that - building ourselves up in the most holy faith so that we can love God, stay the course and live for him. To help us along that path, we're going to be working our way through the 1689 Baptist Confession. All are welcome!

Join us before the service at 8:30am. The sessions will run from 30 April - 11 June.