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The Only God

A W Tozer famously wrote, "What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us." If that is the case, and surely it is, how important is it to have a right understanding of God? What it means for God to be God. For Him to be the Creator and not creation. The church suffers when its vision of God is too small and the antidote to that is to gain a sight him in his profound holiness and glory. 

'Doctrine and Doxology' seeks to be a conference about biblical truth and the worship that it causes. This year we will fix our attention on the deep things of the nature of God. A God who is incomprehensible, needs nothing, is unchanging, independent, and most loving.

Dr. James Dolezal is a speaker and author of "All that is in God". He is on the frontline of a resurgence in reclaiming a grand vision of the nature of God and we are excited to host him this year.

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